Research from an RV

How can clients be part of field research without affecting the research process?  Park an RV outside of participants’ homes, bringing the comfort of a focus group facility into the field.

The Challenge:

Our clients were frustrated by the limitations of the traditional focus group facility as they worked to expand into new and diverse markets.  While they recognized that research should revolve around consumers, not the other way around (leaning more toward ethnographic methods), they still wanted to be there to watch it happen.  We could not bring a group of clients into the participants’ homes.  Traditional focus group facilities were not going to work.  We needed to a different approach.

The Outcome:

A 25-foot RV was used to bring clients into neighborhoods where in-home focus groups were taking place.  Clients were able to watch the focus groups from the comfort of the RV while enjoying a meal (catering brought directly to the RV) and have opportunities to interact with the moderator, sending in notes, periodic check-ins.  With the right technology and willingness to innovate, we find ways to ensure that great research can always be a great research experience.

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